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Crestron is a leading manufacturer of advanced control and audio visual switching systems. By offering automation and control solutions for both work and home, people are able to control entire environments with the push of a button. At Profound Technologies, we are a Crestron Authorized Dealer who integrates these systems, providing our customers with seamlessly simple audio visual solutions.

While Crestron provides reliable products to improve where people live, learn and work, Profound Technologies helps make this technology a reality for your environment. From design to installation, Profound takes Crestron’s streamlined solutions and brings them into your homes, conference rooms, and classrooms in an intuitive and easy to use way.  All of Crestron's products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling users to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform. Profound Technologies is ready to support your particular Crestron needs, for both your home and business environments.


So why are Profound Technologies and Crestron the right choices for your home AND organization?

  • Reliability 

            Profound Technologies provides a sophisticated system that actually works and is easy to use. Whether you are looking to add audio visual technology to your conference room or your home, AV technology is supposed to make your life better and simpler. Technology should naturally blend into your everyday life, without you even noticing. What you want out of your technology is for everything to work, properly and reliably, so you don't have to think about it. That is the seamless result you get with Profound and Crestron.

  • Simplicity

           Crestron via Profound doesn't just add technology to your organization and home; we simplify all the technology that's already there. Profound seeks to remove end user confusion and to streamline the process.

  • Personalization

    Your personal and business environments are unique, as well as your technology needs. Unlike "one size fits all" solutions, Profound's Crestron room system is simple to use, yet customizable. Profound’s team, from design to installation, works to give you the experience you desire, providing a solution that not only blends into your lifestyle but improves it.

  • Service

    Profound Technologies is part of a nationwide network ready to assist you with a Crestron response, as both companies strive to provide the best, easiest customer experience. Profound’s team is ready and willing to meet our customer’s needs and to help the end user understand and enjoy their systems. As a Crestron Authorized Dealer, Profound will support your business and home audio visual solutions.


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